Oracle: I LOVE You!

Ever so often, a large corporate does something that is clever, smart, helps those less fortunate and is something that many other organizations could learn from, as well as acknowledge the obvious.

I speak of Oracle corporation, which makes its software available for free to those who need it and will use it honorably. Mind you, this is not crippled software, this is not 30 day trial software, but the full on version. The provisos are that you are a developer working on an application or - brilliantly - a student or individual who only wishes to learn how to use the software and not for commercial purposes.

Are you listening, Microsoft?

Naturally, Oracle also benefits: it creates a pool of young people who are knowledgeable as to the potential of Oracle software...and familiar with it. And when these people become decision makers, guess which way they will lean. Sure, some piracy will prevail, but that would have happened anyway with restricted software. The beauty is now that Oracle is playing the game smart and fair.

I am currently mentoring a few students in Ukraine, Australia and China and I have strongly encouraged them to take advantage of this brilliant offer. Naturally, a certificate in competency is the best solution, but where this is financially not feasible, then practical knowledge gained from actually using the software along with the documentation is the next best thing and with some people is virtually as effective a learning solution. Most especially, the Primavera P6 suite of project and program management tools is close to my heart and I am so pleased that everyone can learn how to use these great tools by actually using them.

Here is the link...

Hats off guys!