9th Circle of Hell: Customer Service in the FSU

Look, I know everyone in every country has a story of shocking treatment of customers by staff, but I challenge anyone to come close to matching the absolute horrors I have experienced in Ukraine.

No wonder Ukrainians make such good soccer hooligans: they spend all their days bitch smacking customers.

I recently spent the equivalent of USD 350 on a pair of sunglasses for my cousin Natalka (aka as Chompy, because she bites little girls and makes them cry). The shop assistant was horrendous: she was abrupt, rude, unhelpful and and to top it off tried to say that there was no case available, then that a case would be extra, then tried to pass of a cheap generic case as a Chanel original. And this was not some 60 year old babushka, but a lady in her late 20s in a large chain who should know a lot better.

#@$#$!. %$#%^. ^%^$. W#@#.

If that shop assistant raised her standards a thousand gold she may be worthy of being raised into one of the aforementioned categories. It didn't seem to register that if it were not for people like me, she may not have a job, that perhaps it would be an interesting experiment to treat people with some respect, especially those spending money when few others are.

Granted that there have been some good experiences, but overall, I find the rudeness of people is apalling here. I realise communism certainly poisoned people's minds, but those guys have been out of favour for over 15 years and Western ideas should hav been picked up by now.

This ain't the way to get out of the crisis...