Noise Level: A Ruse to Unlearn the Lie

This may comes a surprise to many...who am I kidding? It will surprise no one...but I am actually a geek. And a Sci-Fi junkie. Brain somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy since age 5. Yet, in all the 500 science fiction books I read, there was one short story which I could never find, one that I really wanted to read after a recommendation from Stan Deyo, a man I have greatly respected for over 25 years. That short story was "Noise Level", a Raymond F. Jones piece that came out in late 1952 in Astounding Science Fiction.

I am tempted to tell you a little about it, but I won't, other than to say it is one of the most thought provoking stories I have ever read. I thoroughly recommend you try and find a copy - here's the cover.

Sometimes, fiction is truer than the reality that most believe.