Kiev Driving...

Driving in Kiev is an exercise in risk management. Outside the central city, you have to contend with roads that can do double duty as rally courses, driving skills by natives which make you think that 90% of them bribed license examiners and a general philosophy that drink driving is not a crime, but a past time. However, the real problem you find is road rage, another Western import Ukrainians have taken to with gusto. Not the harmless yelling, screaming and ocassional punching variety, but rather the type which sees you either shot at immediately after something unfortunate happens on the road, or your house set on fire that night...after you've been shot.

Generally, big black luxury cars and American 4WDs should be given a wide berth. Usually, they indicate the driver is:

1) An arrogant prick.
2) A corrupt bastard.
3) Armed.
4) Thinks 'Scarface' is an American business success story.
5) Has access to people who are all of the above, large and enjoy the ability to kneecap you in front of 20 TV cameras and still be found not guilty by the best court system money can buy.

Now, this makes things tough if you drive in certain parts of the city: I have been thinking of what could be a possible solution...and suddenly, a revelation...

Problem solved. Where do I get one? :-)